2019 Delmar Golf Course President’s Newsletter

“ 24 – 60 ”

Dear Members,

Welcome back!  After another Western Pa. winter, we are once again ready for another exciting season at Delmar Golf Course. Delmar GC is thankful for the financial support we received during the off season and we appreciate those members who took advantage of the Early Bird payment option . We would like to remind those members who have not paid their yearly pass, and private cart storage fees, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  To avoid additional late charges your 2019 fees need to be paid, in full, by April 10, 2019.  We would also like to reminder private cart owners, cart storage fees arerequired to be paid in full before you use your private cart for the first time each season.

In May of 1940, with World War II looming, newly elected Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons, at which time he said “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.   Over the last seven years, I have tried to fulfill my role as Delmar President with this idea in mind. Since then, I have volunteered countless hours of unpaid on and off course labor to help restructure and restore the golf course. Recently more members have offered a helping hand. Without the hard work and volunteer efforts of members such as Ray Johns Sr., Chris Bokor, Sam Barry Sr., Brad Linville, Bill Baker, Alex Scott, Raymond Johns, Pam Taylor, and Loretta Barry, Delmar would not be able to accomplish all that is has during the previous year. It has been an honor to serve those who appreciate the hard work and tireless dedication. Unfortunately, there are those who have worked equally hard to destroy the reputation of the golf course and the changes being made to help preserve the future. Publicly criticising and spreading misleading information around the local area has hurt Delmar GC, our reputation, and our revenue. I apologize for that, however, I (we) can only focus on what we can control.     

Truthfully, what was inherited by the current Delmar Board of Directors was a financial mess. As Delmar GC revenue began declining two decades ago, financial change should have been made to better offset such declines. This, however, was not done and spending continued. Continued spending coupled with declining revenue resulted in financial debt of over $80,000. As members (including myself) we continued to enjoy low membership rates, well treated greens, and manicured fairways without truly understanding the mounting financial debt, and pending financial bankruptcy. It has taken a tremendous amount of effort, sacrifice, and determination, by all of us involved, to overcome the financial situation.

Our 10 year plan is within reach. The recent outpouring of support and generosity by members/shareholders/friends of Delmar GC during the 2018 Delmar Capital Campaign illustrates just how passionate we are about our golf course. It was uplifting and inspiring to see the donation list continue to climb. What was originally laughed off by some as a farfetched idea grew into a donation total of over $8,000.  Delmar GC is forever grateful to those who graciously donated money, purchased needed items, all without the expectation of something from Delmar in return. For those who donated, thank you, for those who still wish to do so, deadline is March 30th. We intend to have a plaque to commemorate those who stepped up to help.

In less than 24 months Delmar GC will have paid off the final debt consolidation loan, which will free up $779.68 monthly starting in March of 2021.  In 60 months we will have paid off the EZ-go golf carts. By purchasing these golf carts we will free up an additional $23,000, which will allow the course to purchase more chemicals and newer equipment. The Board of Directors and I are committed to seeing the golf course carry-on and we are focussed on making the financial changes needed to protect our future while reinvesting. Unfortunately, until we finish paying off these last few loans we will continue to monitor spending and watch investment.    

 An exciting tournament schedule has been created for the 2019 season. A preliminary list of the tournaments/outings/field day has been included in your newsletter so you can plan your summer golf calendar accordingly. Your participating in outing and course events is essential to the success of the course.

As always, our staff will be working hard this Spring to get the course ready. During the offseason, with the help of donations, we rebuilt the Articulator deck, purchased new spindles for the rough mower, and had the Greens mower issue rebuilt. Hopefully these investments will pay off. Working alongside new board member Jared Vetica, Danny and Jared develop a chemical plan that we can afford and one that should better address the dollar spot issue from a year ago. Unfortunately, due to cost of the chemicals, Delmar GC cannot order these chemicals until more membership money arrives. Danny will once again be joined by Denny Capello, Mike “Beno” Rukobeano, Brian Hudson, Blake Beatrice and Alex Scott and Nate Scott. James Mantz will continue to assist Danny with the daily operations at the course. Weather permitting the crew will be out on the course soon, volunteers to assist with Spring clean up are always welcome.

Caitlyn Simeoni will be returning again this season as our manager of the Tin Cup Bar and Grille. We encourage everyone to experience all that the Tin Cup Grille restaurant has to offer. The Pro-shop is scheduled to reopen in early April and will once again be managed and overseen by the Pro-shop staff from last season.     

I encourage every member to promote Delmar GC to their family, friends and community associates. We must promote the course, and continue to reach out and welcome guests to Delmar Golf Course; therefore, I (we) ask for your cooperation as new golfers and events come to play Delmar GC. This season we are asking every member to help out and increase revenue at the golf course.  By booking small outing (10-20 people) on a weekend or weekday, our membership can generate $5,000 or more in revenue for the golf course. Simply asking 10 – 20 people to play a round at Delmar this season can have a huge economic impact on the course during the 2019 season.                        

As President I have challenged everyone to make necessary sacrifices in order to correct the issues hampering Delmar GC. As we face the challenges of today’s golf market we must continue to adapt to the modern consumer.  As President my goal has been to protect the future of Delmar, I am honored and proud to have overseen the improvements made over the last seven seasons. I will continue to volunteer my time as needed to oversee the transformation. As informed members you have witnessed the changes firsthand and you have remained the cornerstone of Delmar GC.  I (we) are thankful for the support, and we hope to see you soon back on the “Hill” enjoying the course we love.


President Sam Barry Jr.


Delmar Capital Campaign raised $8,650  to date

$650-600 RJ Olanyk John Todorich Sam Barry Jr.

$500 Stephen Johns Sam & Loretta Barry

$250 – 300 Jim Zapf    Ron & Andrea Peters

$200 Billy Jamison Brad Linville     Anthony “Bud” Mazzant         

Griff Clark Mike Vucelich Randy & Janice Chesko      

$100 – 150 Ethan Brice Gene Dimeo Kevin & Carol Whitty  

  Angelo Iannantuono Ralph DiCerbo Greg & Debbie Paul

Dave McCommons Raymond Johns Albert Geniviva

Brad Hampton Chris Bokor David Braymer

Steve Chinchi Grant Steele Pam Taylor

Dave Kardish Rosie Tammaro Bob Sacco

Fred Altsman Alex Scott Blake Beatrice

Curtis Latshaw Jenna Barry Broc Boariu

Loretta Silvestri Noah Rinker