Young Adult (under 40/non college) $600

Adult Membership (Age: 40 – 64) $1,125

Senior Membership (Age: 65 – 74) $1,075

Super Senior Membership (Age 75 and over) $875

College Membership (Full-time/Graduate student) $300    

Junior Membership *play restrictions apply $225

Young Adult Couple $1,100                          

Adult Couple $1,950            

Senior Couple $1,750            

Yearly Private Cart Storage Fees_____________                        _

Electric Carts  $525

Gas Carts $475

Family Cart:   $420 electric $380 gas

Shared Cart: $420 electric   $380 gas 

Reminder – cart fee must be paid in full before usage 

  • Cart spaces are available to all members assuming cart spaces are available  
  • Family Cart and Shared Cart are at 80%.
  • Family Carts and Shared Cart owner both MUST have full memberships, and both must pay 80% of the cart storage fee, 
  • Family members who reside in the same household are permitted to use a private cart as long as both have Delmar memberships
  • Family Cart and Shared Cart owners will pay full rental price if they need to ride on a Delmar GC owned cart 
  • Delmar private cart owners are not entitled to a free cart rental if private cart is damaged /inoperable