Dear members and friends,

   WELCOME BACK!!  As of Friday May 1, 2020 Delmar G.C. will officially open up for business. 

   Now that we will be permitted to once again golf in Western PA golf courses will be asked to maintain social distancing rules and guidelines. Golf this season will look a little different for a period of time. 

   In order to abide by the state regulations/guidelines members and public customers will have to follow these guidelines. Delmar G.C. will be operating out of the Pro Shop during this time, with a pay window set up, social distancing markers, and cart attendant on staff to assure sanitation of the carts. Below are a list of guidelines and regulations that we MUST follow during hours of operation.

HERE WE GO……. this is information is paraphrased from the West Penn Golf Association and PA Golf Association websites.  PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER 


    * We realize that some members are married and some members share cart spaces., and are married. We will work around this issue the best we can while staying in the guidelines. During this time period cart owning members may be allowed to use other member carts to avoid using Delmar G.C. carts. We are not 100% sure yet so hang in there!   

   * Cart limitation of 1 rider will be difficult for Delmar G.C. because it limits the course to only 25 outside golfers. 

  * Delmar Board members have discussed possible need/help with cart situation and will provide more as time goes on  

2. Practice Social Distancing – remain 6 feet apart 

3. Staffing will be on site to provide sanitation

4. Protective gloves, and face masks will be worn by employee staff, and it is highly encouraged that customers (members) also wear masks 

5. Avoid parking close to other vehicles (maintaining social distancing)

6. No tees or scorecards will be provided 

7. Flag sticks are required to remain in the cup at all times. (Protective noodle rings will be placed in all cups to limit contact)

8. Tee times will be spaced out 

9. All Clubhouse activity is to be “Take out” only, thus allowing Delmar GC to provide this service 

10. Restroom will be open, however limited to only 1 person at a time when possible. Restrooms will be cleaned frequently to assure sanitation

   As I said these are the requirements set forth by the state. We will do our best to assure everyone’s safety and that rules are followed…

Hope to see you this weekend 

Del Mar G.C. Board